Pink Color Palette: These tarot decks use shades of pink as their primary color scheme. Among them are pastel pinks, blush pinks, hot pinks, and rose pinks.

Imagery and Artwork Incorporating Pink: Pink is the dominant color in the artwork and imagery of the deck. It can involve pink cups, pink swords, pink clothing or accessories on the depicted figures, or pink-themed symbolism.

The Symbolic Meanings and Associations of Pink: There might be symbolic associations with the pink color in the deck. The color pink is often associated with love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, tenderness, and emotional healing. These themes and attributes may be incorporated into pink tarot deck meanings.

The Card's Design Contains Pink: The back design of tarot or oracle cards may feature a predominantly pink pattern or illustration. As a result, the theme of the "pink tarot deck" is reinforced throughout the deck.

Even the Guidebook or Interpretation Mentions Pink: You can find insights and interpretations that highlight the significance of the pink color within the Tarot deck in the accompanying guidebook. In these tarot decks, the color pink has specific symbolism and meanings related to tarot or oracle readings.

Visual Appeal and Aesthetics Scream Pink: Pink is used harmoniously throughout the deck and creates a cohesive and visually pleasing experience. The artwork is well-executed, captivating, and resonates with pink-loving tarot enthusiasts.