Collaborating with independent artists


How it all started

In early 2021, we set out to offer a browsing experience that is geared to the needs of the global Tarot community. To make it easier for everyone to find beautiful, independent decks and to promote the creative and artistic projects that indie artists undertake.

Let's meet Eurielle L.

A tattoo artist and student trying to balance a busy career with studying and creating a Tarot deck. Her Tarot deck (made in a small batch in South Korea) was used on Kino Tarot's YouTube channel alongside other decks we offer, so she wondered if Tarot Stack could help?

A pleasant fall afternoon found Eve and Sam meeting Eurielle that same year. To create and market her Tarot deck, Eurielle had to invest most of her free time (however small) and take a big financial risk. Aside from the huge financial risk, Eurielle also risked burnout by learning everything about marketing, sales, and distribution at once. If everything proceeds according to plan, Eurielle might make a profit after a long time! Besides, she wants to make more than one deck.

Tarot publishing service

We created a service for independent Tarot artists as part of our publishing initiative. This aligns with our mission to support independent artists on multiple fronts.

The goal is to provide assistance in the areas of funding, production, marketing, and distribution.

Keeping our mission and vision in mind


We enable independent artists in the Tarot community to focus on their creative pursuits by connecting them with the right audience.

"My next Tarot deck is coming along nicely & I love it!” – Eurielle L.

We're making a difference


The projects we publish are fully funded at no cost to the artists. In excess of 50% of our retail sales profits contribute towards funding our projects. The Livett The Ghost Tarot deck was fully funded by setting aside 50% of all indie deck sales.

With every deck purchased on our website, you support the success of independent artists. Your money contributes to marketing and restocking existing decks and publishing upcoming Tarot and Oracle decks.

When you buy from us, you're making a difference.

Getting your artwork seen


Our core competency is providing unmatched marketing exposure to all our independent decks.

Tarot influencers and mystics use our decks in their daily Tarot practices, and will help you discover whether the decks resonate with you.

Design and production of high quality


As a collaborative effort with the artist, we provide design expertise and high quality finishes that match or exceed the decks that are currently available.

In order to provide a safe and secure production process, we have established long-term relationships with high-quality and reliable printers.