At Tarot Stack, we understand that finding independently produced tarot decks can be challenging. We also know that producing independent tarot decks is financially risky for artists and mystics. Our goal is to provide financing, production and marketing support to artists, and a tarot tailored browsing experience to our customers, so that customers can find wonderful, independently produced decks.

Tarot Stack Value


At Tarot Stack, we enable buyers to discover unique tarot decks produced by creative and independent artists. We strive to provide a thoughtful and enlightening experience, right from discovering the right deck to unboxing.

We also enable artists by supporting them via our marketing and publishing. Most independently produced decks have significant upfront costs for printing and marketing. We help assist our deck artists by providing those services for them.



Create a meaningful space for independent artists to turn their creative passions into opportunity. We enable them to focus on their creative pursuits by helping them connect with the right audience.


Need Assistance Publishing or Marketing a Deck?

Please reach out to us via our contact page. We would be happy to help!