keywords in your tarot and oracle decks

Are you looking for tarot decks that provide keywords? You're in the right place.

Multiple keywords on all cards

Keywords can be found on all 78 card faces, both upright and reversed.

White font is clearly visible.


Meanings or keywords included in Tarot and Oracle decks

The number of decks with keywords on the card's face might be limited. Alternatively, you can choose between two keyword options:

1. A comprehensive guide: Most decks include a comprehensive guidebook that explain each card's meaning and interpretation.

2. Booklet with keywords: Another option would be a small handheld booklet that shares keywords and allows the reader to interpret them as they see fit.

You can see what is the best option for you based on the pictures and details on the corresponding product pages. Both novice and experienced readers will benefit from these guidebooks and booklets.


Depending on the style of the booklet, they are designed in an accordion style or in the form of a book.

While reading the booklet, it is convenient to hold it in one hand.

These keywords will help you make the most out of your tarot reading and intuition for each card in the deck.

An in-depth guidebook with keywords, meanings, and interpretations.

Guidebooks can be found in a variety of formats, including hand-held versions, color versions, hard-bound versions, and A5 size versions.

Tarot beginners will benefit from these guidebooks as it will improve their intuition and make them feel more confident when reading the cards.

The guidebook will come with the deck if not specified otherwise. With the following decks, the detailed guidebook can be purchased along with the deck of cards: Tarot Disassembled, Omni Tarot.


Your reading will flow smoothly and intuitively if you use keywords. Learning all the card meanings can be very challenging if you have just started reading tarot. This is because it could take months or years to be able to recognize the right keywords simply by looking at the card. In addition, it opens up new avenues for growth for experienced tarot readers.

KEYWORDS: A keyword can be a single word or a variety of words that describe what the card is trying to convey. A reader can use their intuition to frame the meaning being conveyed.

MEANINGS: The meanings of the cards are detailed descriptions that are derived from the creator's intuition. Interpretations provided by the deck's creator about how to interpret that particular card. Tarot readers who are just starting out can find this really helpful.

Yes. Due to the fact that Oracle decks do not use the 78-card system and set definitions of tarot, they can convey different or more specific messages than tarot. There is either a booklet, guidebook or cards with messages included with all our Oracle decks.

The keywords are either found on the face of the cards, in a small booklet or in a comprehensive guidebook.