Beauty in Every Card: The Story of the Lucid Minds Tarot Deck's Creation

Hi Olena,
Thank you so much for participating in this interview with Tarot Stack for self-published Tarot artists. Upon receiving the Lucid Minds Tarot deck and companion book, we wondered how you developed such a unique art style.

  • What inspired you to create an environment that will inspire anyone's intuition and a visually stunning tarot deck?

The Lucid Minds Tarot deck was inspired by a difficult period in my life, when I frequently imagined myself levitating above the serene and endless dunes of a desert. This image of floating above a stark yet beautiful landscape not only provided a sense of peace but also represented my own journey through adversity towards enlightenment and clarity. The desert, with its harsh conditions and breathtaking views, perfectly exemplifies the human spirit's resilience and ability to transform. This personal connection, as well as the profound symbolism of the desert, are what I sought to capture in the Lucid Minds Tarot deck, transforming it into a tool that boosts intuition and provides a visually immersive experience that guides users through their own internal landscapes.

  • The Lucid Minds Tarot deck features two meanings for each card, along with animated interpretations accessible via QR codes. What inspired you to incorporate this interactive element, and how do you think it enhances the tarot reading experience?

      The integration of interactive elements in the Lucid Minds Tarot deck was driven by two main goals. Firstly, to demystify the tarot reading process for beginners by providing accessible and engaging explanations of each card. Secondly, to add a layer of depth for seasoned readers through dynamic content that offers fresh perspectives. This innovation was met with some resistance initially, but my commitment to creating a unique and beautiful tool was unwavering.

      The result is a deck that not only simplifies reading & learning tarot but also enriches the experience by allowing all users, novice or experienced, to explore tarot in a modern and interactive way.

      • Can you elaborate on how you integrated AI image generation into your creative process for developing the foundation elements of each card in this stunning tarot deck? Additionally, how would you address skeptics who may question the authenticity of art created using AI technology, particularly in the context of tarot card design?

      AI image generation was crucial in creating the Lucid Minds Tarot deck, allowing me to experiment with a photorealistic style infused with surreal elements, which is uncommon in a market dominated by illustrated decks. This process was not a shortcut, as some may believe. Each card underwent hundreds of iterations over many months to ensure that the visuals not only conveyed the appropriate symbolic message but also aesthetically matched the deck's overall theme. To skeptics of artificial intelligence in art, particularly in a tradition-rich field like tarot, I would argue that the authenticity of a tarot deck is defined by its ability to speak to the user, elicit introspection, and accurately represent universal truths and human experiences. The use of AI does not detract from the deck's integrity or effectiveness as a tool for reflection and decision-making; rather, it improves it by allowing a fusion of traditional symbolism and contemporary artistic expression.

      • In what ways do you think your deck contributes to the ever-growing collection of beautiful tarot decks in the market?

      The Lucid Minds Tarot deck adds a unique dimension to the tarot community by combining interactive technology with the timeless practice of tarot reading. This multimedia approach not only makes reading & learning more engaging but also allows for a deeper exploration of the cards' symbolism. What distinguishes this deck further is its photographic, almost lifelike style, as opposed to the more common graphic or illustrated style. This option enhances the realism and immediacy of the tarot experience by providing a new and vivid perspective through which to view the cards.
      Furthermore, the desert theme provides a distinct backdrop for themes such as solitude, introspection, and transformation, all of which are extremely relevant in today's fast-paced world. By combining a photorealistic aesthetic with rich, interactive content, the Lucid Minds Tarot deck not only enhances users' experiences, but also demonstrates the adaptability and evolving nature of tarot as a tool for personal growth and understanding.

      Interview with Olena Usz | MINDFULAPE.

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