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Finding independently produced tarot, oracle or affirmation decks can be challenging. We also know that printing and publishing decks individually is financially risky for artists and mystics. Our goal is to provide independent artists with financial, production, and marketing assistance. Furthermore, we offer a browsing experience that is geared to the needs of the global tarot community, so our customers can find wonderful, independently produced decks.

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MISSION -- Helping indie artists on multiple fronts

By providing a thoughtful and enlightening experience, from discovery to unboxing, buyers can discover unique independently produced divination tools.

In addition, we enable artists through our marketing and publishing services. Independently produced decks incur significant upfront costs for design, printing, marketing, and distribution. We help our artists by providing these services.

VISION -- Independent artists' one-stop shop

Creating a meaningful space where independent artists can turn their creative passions into opportunities. By helping them connect to the right audience, we allow them to focus on their creative pursuits.

PUBLISHING -- Need Assistance Publishing or Marketing a Deck?

We are committed to our mission and vision to support independent artists and connect them with their audiences.

You can reach us through our contact page. We look forward to learning more about your creative projects.






How it all started

Tarot Stack is a small business in Rhode Island started by two tarot fans who love indie decks. Over our years of deck collecting and reading, we noticed that it was incredibly difficult to find beautifully crafted decks, and that there was no reliable marketplace other than Etsy. We were tired of searching for hours to find special, beautiful, well-crafted decks, so we decided to create our own space!

Since conception, we’ve learned more about the risks and challenges artists face and decided to do something about it to close the gap. Now, we make it easy for both deck creators and fans to come together and share in their personal development journey.

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