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How Jea Parrinella, an independent artist, created The Cosmos Oracle deck using her innate abilities.

Hi Jea,
First of all, thank you very much for participating in this interview with us.
We hope you will find the questions engaging and provide as much detail as possible. I'm looking forward to learning more about you and the Oracle.

Hello there! Thank you so much for creating this shared space. I am looking forward to this exciting exchange!

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got the inspiration for this project?
Sure. My name is Jea Parrinella and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My purpose in life was always very clear to me since I was a little child, because extra-sensorial/dimensional experiences always happened to me, but with the same goal: the connection with the core frequency of the holographic reality.
You can see thousands, even millions of snowflakes, and they could look pretty similar in general, but as you get closer to them and look more deeply, you will find that not even one is the same as others. The same is true for us.
We truly are just one big whole, but at the same time, unique pieces of that whole. We all have unique paths that lead to much more than simply walking through a short lifetime. There is more out there to experience than what we can see in the three-dimensional plane from afar, just like those snowflakes. You can't imagine what can happen when you open yourself up to that idea and to the quantum field.
As a communicator and artist, I enjoy writing, creating, and designing immersive products and services. I like to create art pieces I call "journeys" because that's what they are -- fractal journeys within this massive journey we are all experiencing together. This inner journey is called: The Cosmos Oracle.

Throughout my life different types of messages have been coming to me, so I created this Oracle deck. I am not the only one and that is what this is all about as well.
You can sense when the energy is shifting, when you need to clean your stuff, and even what is the best way for you to do that. To do this, you need to start being aware of our own power. It may sound strange when someone tells you that you have the same power as a tarot reader or an Akashic Record master, but you do. There are people who are more aware and connected, but that does not mean that you have to depend on them or that you can't get there yourself.
Intuition is a tool that we all have.
  • When you reference portals and how we can use our intuition with numerical codes, could you please tell me how you first learned about this and why you thought it would be helpful to share?

I have always been fascinated by branches that work in both the world of science and facts as well as the mysteries of the spirit. I decided long ago to study Pythagorean numerology. A philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras identified me in terms of the search that every philosopher has and in terms of investigating something as factual and tangible as the science of numbers. Consequently, I discovered a whole new world of numerical vibrations and how they permeate everything: they are everywhere, starting from the very beginning of time and extending to the smallest details of life on earth. If numbers rule the world and creations, why shouldn't they rule ours?

I found enormous portals to creation in the numerical keys. As such, I wanted to share that with anyone who is interested in exploring it and has access to it.

  • Can you tell us a little bit more about the materials you choose for creating The Cosmos Oracle as well as the concept of it?

Even though holographic things are beautiful, there is a reason why all the cards have this pattern on the back. That is the frequency to connect with. Do you know what's interesting about rainbows or holographic? Let's explore that together:

The integration and the disappearance of lines that instead of limiting, merge between each other. This is a very powerful concept, since we are moving from 3D to 5D. Rather than living in duality, we are starting to integrate and realize that there is no need to fight or choose sides, instead, we can merge and expand to reveal new things still hidden and waiting for our awareness to emerge in the unknown.

So, you will find that The Cosmos Oracle combines astrophysics, philosophy, astronomy, spirituality, and poetry, showing by example what I communicate with words. Because of this, it is a luxury spiritual tool because you do not have to choose between matter or spirit, awareness or enjoying the energy of money, you can merge them all and forget about tags: The KEY is to integrate. Always. You will find that they are not saying opposite things, but are complementary to one another. This is just another language.

We all have our own masters and inner gods, and my goal with this product is to help connect you with that. Realizing this sooner will open you up to the most powerful shift: knowing that you can do what you want and being more aware of your energy, your thoughts, and the things you're creating in your life. Within your deck, you will find a cloth with a grid of the Universe. See what happens when you work with the portal activation card on the grid. The possibilities are endless.

As above so beyond, as inside so outside. Please remember these lines. Whether you're using the Oracle deck or not, they can be helpful.
Despite the fact that this is a luxurious oracle deck, it is made of 100% recyclable, eco-friendly materials and soy inks. Our planet also needs the same type of healing we do as individuals, so it is important to keep broad awareness of how a product can impact the environment on multiple levels.
  • Using the universal grid cloth myself, I found it created a sense of connection to the cosmos and multidimensionality you mention. What challenges did you encounter as you translated this for your audience?
Creating an intentional space of creation was the idea behind the cloth, just as you can do in a quantum field. So that when reading the cards, one visually understands what is happening and is aware of actively creating. There were plenty of challenges! What was most difficult was not knowing how to explain how I knew all this? Has this ever happened to you? Let me try to explain this better… Having worked with you and done video calls, I am aware you have a son. You love him, you know that. What if I asked you how you know you love him? How would you explain it to me? Even though there is no doubt about the answer, finding the words and the form can be challenging. I've felt that way many times.
Another challenge for me was knowing and accepting that The Cosmos Oracle wasn't for everyone. In an "anti-advertising" move, I presented all the reasons why this Oracle was perhaps not for you. Rather than fighting that idea today, I celebrate those who really resonate. It belongs to whomever it belongs, just as we all do. I also gained some closure with this project on a personal level.
    • Would you like to add anything else to this interview?
    My humble advice is below. I would ask that you treat the Oracle like another human being you meet for the first time. You would not instruct "Person A" how to greet "Person B" or how to respond to their questions. Develop your own relationship with the object, and you will soon discover that it is no different from any other human being. No one can tell you how to use it, when to cleanse it, where to store it, or how to protect it. You must rely on your own wisdom to interact with an object that has its own energy. The same is true for everything else.

    Thank you, S, for this wonderful interview, and thanks to everyone who took the time to read this. Wishing you all a multiverse of amazing possibilities!

    Enjoy the journey.

    With love,
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