Beautiful tarot and oracle cards
unique and beautiful tarot and oracle decks
Beautiful tarot and oracle cards
unique and beautiful tarot and oracle decks

Kino Tarot Spring Bundle | 2024

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The Gentle Tarot First Ed. and Bloom Oracle are the Spring Tarot and Oracle decks selected by Kino. Check out all the cards in the deck by visiting the decks' link. The Gentle Tarot First Ed. and Bloom Oracle


Perfect for Spring, which is full of life! -- "I can’t think of a more perfect season for these decks, there is so much life in them! Between these two decks, a variety of plants and animals are featured. As I go through the cards, I immediately think of spring, a time where all of nature is coming to life again. The titles of both decks, "Gentle" and "Bloom," are also perfect messages for this season. We are defrosting after a long winter, and the new, fresh energy calls for us to get moving again — but we must ease into it with patience and kindness towards ourselves so as to not overwhelm our bodies and minds."

Keep your creativity, passion, and ambition alive with Kino's favorites -- "The Ace (1) of wands and the Page/Seed (11) of wands! The Ace of wands is totally a spring card, representing a new burst of energy, inspiration, and passion. Just like winter melting into spring, it represents this electrifying moment where your whole world regains color, where you are looking with fresh eyes and everything feels dazzling and beautiful. In this new energy, the Page (who is an adorable seal in this deck) is full of exciting ideas for new projects and adventures, and fearlessly dives into them. From the Bloom oracle, "Fertilize" and "Grow," with their respective messages, "What is your fuel?" And "Take inspired action." Inspired action is what ensures that we will not only get to the best possible destination, but enjoy the journey there too. Understanding what lights us up gives us our direction and the motivation to keep going. To these cards, I would also add "Nourish," with the message "Water your garden." Spring is definitely a time where we want to take advantage of the buzzing high energy, but we must remember not to try to do it all at once and burn ourselves out. Moving slowly and taking breaks to replenish ourselves is so important. Also, the cared-for version of you will be better at discerning the true wants/needs of your soul, and what is truly inspired action."

Feeling overwhelmed by all the energies and opportunities this Spring? -- "I would definitely recommend reading the guidebook along with the Bloom oracle cards. The messages are easy to read, and they will bring you back to a place of mindfulness and gentleness. I think they are a perfect remedy to the sense of pressure and urgency that society and our own ego often creates. For both decks, take the time to look at the artwork and feel the messages that come to you. If you feel called to, take notes or write a journal entry of your insights. The process itself will be calming, and you can also come back to those messages whenever you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed. I would also recommend connecting to nature in some way while using the decks, even just opening your window, letting in fresh air, the sound of birds or rain. If you could use the cards while outside, even better.
Remember that there are no wrong answers when you are channeling messages for yourself. It’s all about coming back to the place within yourself that is calm and reassured. And finally, remember that you are NOT behind, and there is time to do it all! You don't have to jam everything into this season, or even this year. Your natural pace is the BEST pace, and the most sustainable one."

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