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This listing is for a twenty minute personal YouTube reading with Eve.

Reading Categories

  • Reading for Healing: This reading will provide advice to help accelerate healing.
  • Advice from Spirit: This reading will share advice from Spirit regarding a situation of your choice
  • Advice from your Higher Self: This reading will share advice from your Higher Self regarding a situation of your choice
  • How to Connect with Your Guides: This reading will provide insight into how to best connect to your guides
  • Something Else: A reading about the subject of your choice.

Once you select your reading type and check out, you should expect a questionnaire email from Eve. In this questionnaire, you can provide more detail regarding your desired reading topic.

Please respond! Eve cannot perform your reading if you do not respond so it is very important that you reply. You will receive a link to your private video on YouTube, which will be shared with you when the reading is ready.

Tarot readings and Magick are conducted on Mondays and Tuesdays. Videos will be delivered by end of day Thursday (if not sooner). Any orders placed after 12 AM Tuesday New York Time will be delivered the following week. We will contact you via email for questions or clarifications regarding your Tarot reading and Magick orders.