• tarot oracle readings - manifestation stone ceremony. Let your manifestations grow!

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Manifestation Stone Ceremony


Let your manifestations grow!

Share your dreams with Eve and she will ask Spirit to bless your manifestation. Each ceremony is tailored to your specific needs. Your ceremony will include:

  • A stone or crystal to store your blessing
  • Custom sounds for channeling
  • Incense and flowers to magnify Spirit's energy

Eve will share private YouTube video of the ceremony where she petitions Spirit on your behalf. The channeled energy from this ceremony will be encoded in a manifestation stone, which will be sent to you. Keep this stone near you to power your intentions or plant it in a special place and Gaia will help your manifestations grow.

After you checkout, you should expect a personal email from Eve. You may reply to this email with more detail regarding how you would like to use your stone. Eve will help you choose the right energy to power your manifestations!

Tarot readings and Magick are conducted on Mondays and Tuesdays. Videos will be delivered by end of day Thursday (if not sooner). Any orders placed after 12 AM Tuesday New York Time will be delivered the following week. We will contact you via email for questions or clarifications regarding your Tarot reading and Magick orders.